Although it may not be on your mind during your daily commute, car accidents are the leading cause of injury and death in the United States. The effects of motor vehicle accidents immediately affect your physical, mental, and financial well being, and, in the worst-case scenarios, have the potential to continue to plague victims for years.


Ellis & Thomas, PLLC’s proven trial lawyers will stand up to the individuals and insurance companies that would seek to minimize your situation, and ensure that you’re adequately compensated to the fullest extent the law allows.


If you’ve fallen on someone else’s property and expect it's the property owners fault, you may be able to file a personal injury claim. When property owners put visitors at risk by having unsafe conditions - slippery floors, uneven walkways, non-existent warnings, and health code  & safety violations to name a few - they’re liable for the injuries and illnesses which occur.


We will evaluate your claim to see if it’s the result of an owner's negligence and ensure that you’re paid for their carelessness to the extent the law allows.



Despite being less common than motor vehicle accidents, collisions involving 18 wheelers have some of the most disastrous results. Also known as semi-trucks, big rigs, and tractor-trailers, large and often heavy freight carrying vehicles can quickly become a threat to someone in a passenger vehicle.


In the most unfortunate of circumstances, we’ve seen how carelessness and negligence on the part of 18-wheeler companies or drivers have caused devastating effects for our clients. At Ellis & Thomas, PLLC, we handle your case from start to finish, and are here to see that you’re able to rebuild your life to the extent the law allows.


It’s a scary thought, but a simple hospital visit or medical procedure can quickly evolve into a life-threatening situation. When medical professionals fail to uphold their duties through carelessness, we’re here to make sure their negligence doesn’t go unpunished.


As personal injury law experts, medical malpractice is one of the areas we’re proud to assist our clients with. If you’ve lost a loved one or are suffering from unintended side effects as a result of a medical error, Ellis & Thomas, PLLC will represent you to ensure that you have the opportunity to be compensated to the fullest extent the law allows.




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