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Accidents happen. However, some are more serious than others. You shouldn’t be forced to deal with—or pay for—damage someone else caused. Whether you were hurt in a one-on-one collision, 18-wheeler wreck, or endured a catastrophic injury, you can count on Ellis & Thomas, PLLC for the legal representation you deserve.

As experienced Houston personal injury attorneys, we understand the local, state and federal laws you will encounter. We’re committed to working tirelessly to give you the best chance at recovering fair compensation. We will collaborate with you to seek the results you need to put your personal injury behind you and move forward with confidence.

Reach out to us, Car Crash Cam and The Don, to schedule your free initial consultation. We represent clients throughout the Houston area. Contact us today if you were injured in Missouri City, Pasadena, Channelview, Pearland, or League City, Texas.

Different Injuries We Cover

Whether you were hit by a drunk driver or collided with an semi-truck, our seasoned team of litigators can walk you through your legal options. Our Houston firm takes a meticulous approach to each and every case, including those involving

  • Car accidents

  • 18-wheeler accidents

  • Slip and falls

  • Catastrophic injuries

  • And more

Life can be unpredictable. While this keeps things interesting, some experiences aren’t so enjoyable. When an injury threatens your future, work with us to pursue a favorable result.

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Available Damages for Texas Personal Injuries

If someone else’s carelessness caused your injury, you may qualify for financial compensation. Texas law categorizes damages into two distinct types: economic and non-economic.

Economic Damages

Economic damages can be quantified and therefore easier to prove to insurance companies. They can compensate for things like:

  • Medical expenses (both current and future)

  • Therapy costs

  • Property damages

  • Loss of wages

  • Loss of earning capacity

  • Funeral costs (in the case of wrongful death)

Non-economic Damages

Non-economic damages cover things that cannot be quantified. They are designed to cover aspects that can’t be reimbursed dollar-for-dollar, including:

  • Physical pain and suffering

  • Mental anguish

  • Embarrassment

  • Decreased quality of life as a result of your injuries

  • Physical impairment or disfigurement

  • Loss of consortium (loss of relationship with a husband, wife, or partner)

When you bring your case to us, we’ll help you determine the damages you may be eligible for.

Our Advice? Listen to Your Doctors.

Along with your attorneys, your doctors want to help you. It is imperative that you are honest with them, listen to their recommendations, and stick with your treatments. Failure to heed medical advice will make you appear negligent in your recovery, and therefore, we won’t be able to argue well on your behalf.

After an accident, see a medical professional as soon as you can. As experienced attorneys, we’re well-versed in post-injury processes. If we tell you to visit a doctor today, we’re telling you for your benefit.

Put a Dedicated Legal Team on Your Side

Most insurance companies only have their best interests in mind when processing a claim. We want to give power back to the policyholder. With the help of aggressive advocacy, you can feel confident knowing your rights are being fought for. At Ellis & Thomas, PLLC, we have proudly dedicated our careers to serving the people of Houston, Texas. Schedule your free case consultation today. We represent clients in Missouri City, Pasadena, Channelview, Pearland, and League City, Texas.

Personal Injury Attorneys Serving Houston, Texas

Your injuries have cost you enough. Work with a pair of legal professionals to start seeking the outcome you deserve. Contact Ellis & Thomas, PLLC today, and tell us how we can help. From our office in Houston, Texas, we defend the rights of individuals throughout the surrounding area, including Missouri City, Pasadena, Channelview, Pearland, and League City.